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Sometimes I feel life has been a juggle after Pregnancy....

As much as I wanted to get back to work after He was born, but the break extended to around a year or so..

I being a dentist by profession, and having our own private clinic in the city, had some privilage to again start afresh by working only few hours a day..
Initially it took every Nerve in my Body to stay afloat, sometimes even sinking and then taking some extra effort to get back... but slowly it all started getting tuned up..

During my work hours, I encounter with many child patients and treat them  for their cavity issues..Also It's not that I didn't practice treating them before, but since now I am also a mother,  I could connect with them more strongly...

Every child is precious to their parents and they try to give them best of all world... Today , I would like to begin with giving GIFT OF HEALTH , to my family !!

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Oral health is as important for the family as overall Health, and you will be surprised to know the link between healthy mouth and healthy body!!

Now you may ask me, what does your mouth have to do with your overall Health.. and my answer would be... PLENTY!!!

Your mouth is a window into what's going on in your body, often serving as a helpful vantage point for detecting early signs and symptoms of few systemic diseases, like diabetes, severe acidity etc...A look inside or a swab of saliva can tell your doctor volumes about whats going on inside your body.

As you all know, AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE, so why don't we mother's take this initiative to give a preventive learning approach to our children.

Mother's are said to be the HEART OF HOME , a LIGHT OF LEARNING, and a COORDINATOR OF RESPONSIBILITIES. Mother's are often their child's first role model, coach and cheerleader when they are young.
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So today as a DENTIST cum MOTHER , I would like to share few of my insights to all Mummies out there...

1. Begin a PILOT PROJECT of  HEALTH PROMOTING PRACTICES at your home, for supporting a healthy lifestyle. It includes all starting from healthy eating to physical fitness,and simultaneously creating a stress free and safe environment for your entire family.
Initially start implementing it by yourself and then you can encourage the  whole family to take control of their own health and well being.

2. Become a TEACHER as well as a LEARNER with them to model positive attitudes.

3. Lastly , for a GOOD ORAL HEALTH, and to get that FEAR OF UNKNOWN out of them, follow this  easy 3C'S formula...

   a. COORDINATE WITH YOUR NEAR BY DENTIST.... learn the basic teeth care practices like, proper brushing technique, importance of rinsing after every meal, flossing etc...

   b. CREATE an environment at home , where everyone participates in these health practices .

   c. CELEBRATE your preventive learning approach and this  GIFT OF HEALTH with your family.

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